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Through playful lines of polished precious metals, layered and layered upon each other, you find your eye making its way down and around sharp lines, and curvy shapes. Gemstones glimmer as they catch light, igniting admiration and amazement. Paying homage to these ancient rocks through the art of jewelry is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Sharing an experience with metal and fire and majestic stones gives the work meaning and detail. From imperfect lodalite to multi carat emeralds, in the LSE studio, all stones are viewed as equal. Without inclusion we are not meeting the highest potential of connection. We cannot work with and among nature without connecting to it on a deep level. Immense gratitude flows through the entire process. Rather than the metal work being the center of attention, it is just a vessel, a frame, a supporting act to the flawless designs of Mother Earth herself.
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