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  • How to contact us...
    For all inquiries, please email us at ::
  • How do I care for my jewelry?
    All jewelry, especially those with gemstones, need extra love and care. Please store your jewelry in a covered box. It is highly recommended that you remove your jewelry before showering, washing hands, swimming, applying lotion, working out, gardening, lifting heavy objects, and operating machinery. Long exposure to sun or salt water can leave some gemstones damaged. While having your jewelry cleaned by a professional is necessary for removing tarnish, there are ways to maintain jewelry care at home. Our favorite cleaning trick is using an old toothbrush and Castile soap and going to town all around and under the gemstone and metal. Finish off by drying with a blow dryer on low to ensure there are no water spots left on your piece. This will leave your piece looking like new. It is also great to use a polishing cloth often to keep your metal looking lustrous. Note that if you choose traditional white gold, rhodium plating may be necessary every 5-10 years. Jewelry insurance is always recommended, especially when traveling.
  • How do I have a custom piece made?
    Creating custom work is not only fun and special for you, it is our favorite part of the job Here's how it works:: 1. Decide what we are making (i.e. pendant, ring(s), earrings etc.) 2. Talk desired stones and metal- we have several options 3. Get a design locked in, we will send you 2-4 sketches to choose from 4. Draw up an estimate and send it your way for approval 5. We begin! Ready? Follow the link HERE to get started ** Deposits are required for all custom work ** Payment plans are available, please see the payment plan question below.
  • I already have a stone, can you make someting with it?"
    Yes! We really love working with special stones that are significant to you. It makes the custom work process even more personal. If you are ready to talk about it, you can fill out a custom work form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Do you offer custom engagement rings and wedding bands?
    Yes, we are happy to offer a limited amount of custom engagement//wedding sets and bands every year. Follow the link HERE to learn more about the process.
  • How do I find out what my ring size is?
    Any jewelry store can size you for free. You can also purchase a ring sizer HERE. If you have an existing ring you would like to use for sizing, you can send it directly to us and we can size it for you.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. We are happy to offer payment plans. We understand that art can be pricey and we want to share ours with you in any way we can. If you are purchasing through our online shop, you will see a payment plan option. If you are having a custom piece made, you can let us know during the process and we will customize a plan for you.
  • How long does custom work take?
    Depending on the piece, it usually takes between 2-6 weeks to have a custom piece ready for shipment.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    We offer wholesale and consignment. Please email us to talk details,
  • Do you offer international shipping?
    Yes! We are happy to ship worldwide. You will see shipping option in checkout
  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    No. All sales are final. Custom work deposits and payments are non-refundable.
  • Should I insure my jewelry?
    Yes! It is recommended to insure your jewelry.
  • Do you offer warranty?
    Upon inspection, we are happy to offer a one year warranty if it appears to be a craftmanship issue. If it is becuase of wear and tear, we will not be liable. If you have had your jewelry sized or manipulated by another jewler, your piece will no longer be covered under our warranty
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