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The LSE Studio was born out of the desire to create and play.
Combining her love of nature, traveling, art history and architecture,
Lindsey hand fabricates playful objects that pay homage to both our past and future. With every piece of metal that is sawed by hand, to the gemstones that are mindfully selected, every component has a purpose and a place.
While studying fine art, Lindsey fell in love with the design and purpose of jewelry and self adornment. Jewelry has and always will be significant to the story of human beings. It can be traced back 135,000 years and has been a profound tool to understand the evolution of the human species. Not only is it revolutionary, jewelry tells a fascinating story that weaves its thread throughout the most prolific times in our worlds history. It has been used as a symbol for protection, a token to the next life, a dowry, and for sacred ceremonies among so much more. It holds power and significance and remembrance which brings humility to Lindsey and her work.
While paying homage to the past, The LSE Studio is also focused on the future. You will notice that she uses 100% recycled precious metals as well as certified conflict free diamonds. She tries to keep her footprint as small as possible by sourcing much of her material and gemstones from North America.
You can find a collection of one of a kind, hand fabricated pieces in the online shop. If you would like to know more about custom work, you can find information about it HERE or to get started on a quote, you can fill out the custom work form HERE.

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